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Journal Entry #2 – Paulo

September 11, 2008

In my opinion, in the kitchen I can do all the essential things. I know how to cook Miojo, scrambled and fried eggs and popcorn.  I cook this kind ofthings almost every week. But when I want to change or I want to eat something different I can order by phone pizzas, chinese foof, japanese food and whatever I want.

Rick: Why did you decide to learn how to cook? Did anyone force you to do so? And also, do you think that teenagers like yourself should learn how to cook as well so that they will be able to be more independent in the future?


Journal Entry # 2

September 9, 2008

Respond to one of the questions we have discussed in class today.


Journal Entry # 1 – Maria Gabriela

September 4, 2008

 Gabriela: I have look into the colleges that I’m planning on apply on so that next year I’ll be more prepared and more confident. High schools should help the students look ahead in their plans for the future, showing all the possibilities, all the colleges for them to know exactly what they want to do before the college enter examination, to be more prepared, for the people on the last grade of high school already know waht they want for their future, being confident about their choise.


Bruno – Tropa de Elite

November 5, 2007


 I liked the movie “Tropa de Elite”. It is a recent brasilian movie that is making a lot of success.

I liked the movie because it shows the reality of our country. It shows the dark side of the society. Most of people think that Brazil is only women, carnaval and soccer. But it is not, in Rio de Janeiro (where the plot takes place) there is a lot of criminality around the city and even more practise of drug dealing in every slum. And the movie shows exactly those crimes. I like the BOPE (Batalhão de Forças Policiais Especiais) way of acting. They invade the slums trying to stop the drug dealing, they kill the criminals and people involved with it. I am absolutely not agaisnt their violent behavior. Actually, I support it. But I think this is not the correct way of trying to stop the criminality. Because, even killing the drug dealers and people who are involved with this illicit act, the crime won’t be stopped. The worst criminals can even die. But if you kill one, in the next day, there will be another guy in his place that is just like as him or even worse. Therefore, you can kill drug dealers, but the crime won’t be stopped. You can be sure that there is another guy just waiting his time to take control of  the “slum drug dealing business”. Therefore, despite I am being in favor of BOPE, I know that they are not the best solution for our problems. There are a lot of people that think that their are a panacea, but they are not, they are just a fast solution to decelerate the drug dealing spreading. I just support their way of acting, while a better solution is not taken.

That’s why I like so much that movie. It shows a lot of problems of our society, and make we think about it. Just not the way of the police acting to try to stop the drug dealing in our slums, but also trying to show that rich boys who consume drugs, also contribute to finance the drug dealing. OK, that’s it. Besides showing the bad aspects of our country, it also make we think about a lot of important things that happens here.


the butterfly effect

November 5, 2007

I love this movie because it shows that an act of a person can cause a lot of different futures depending on what he/she decided to do at that time. The main caractor (Evan Treborn) has a series of flashbacks and has the power to came back to the past to correct his errors. He  doesn’t think in himself but only in his family and friend kayleigh, lenny and Tommy. My favority part is the end because Evan make a final decition to make sure that his girl (Kayleigh) have a best future. I trully belive in this part of the film and always think twice before doing something that can affect people around me.


Fried Green Tomatoes

November 5, 2007

I have a lot of favourite films, but one of them is “Fried Green Tomatoes”. It´s a very interesting and beatifull film that talks about life and learning about enjoying at most it.

It´s a very delicated and deep film that makes you reflect about the most important values in life, and when you seet it you start to have another view of your way to live.

Also the cast is very good, I´ve never seen Jessica Tandy so fantastic, the story is even better and it´s very good directed by Jon Avnet.

I never get tired of seeing it, and every time I see it seems more fantastic. It´s just like more than a film, it´s a lesson of life, everybody should watch it.



November 5, 2007

Click is a movie about a guy who gets a special remote control which allows you to comeback in time, to go to the futere, to speed up moments and so forth. This guy uses the control in a bad way speeding up his life, skiping the boring moments and some other moments which were not boring but he skiped it just to see what would happen in the futere, and he realizes that he didn’t enjoy enought time with his children and his wife and it’s this that makes the movie one of my favourites, the message which it pass to us that we can’t speed up our lives, bad moments and boring moments are parts of our lives so we can’t skip it and we have to enjoy the moment to don’t feel regret after because we don’t have a second chance.