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Where is your title, Pedro?

October 23, 2008

I root for São Paulo Futebol Clube. My hole family roots for SPFC, in both sides ( my father´s side and my mother´s) and I have been really influenced by them. Now, I just have to thank them for this influence.  Besides of the influence, I started really rooting for SPFC by the time Raí came back , from 1998 to 2000, when I was about 8 years old and when Julio Baptista and kaká started to play for the professionals. From that time until now, my passion for the club has just increased and so did the number of SPFC´s titles. Its hallmarks are the biggest stadium of São Paulo´s state, which is Cícero Pompeu de Toledo, the Morumbi, the best organization of all clubs in America, the seriosity of SPFC´s business man and the new player´s formation center, the CT in Cotia.

Rick: Excellent reasons for you to become São Paulino, man. Thank God your family was wise enough to choose the right team. (laughters)


Jornal Entry #2 – Pedro

September 11, 2008

Some amricans, the ones who live in California, for example, think that touching, even if it´s just an arm touch, is very envasive. Brazil´s culture allows people ot really ‘get in touch’ with each other. Kissing( cheek kissing) in a man´s and woman’s fist met is really normal for us. I think this statment is right, because there’s no lack of respect in touching other people – but of course there’s a limit for the touch. In first met, the maximum touch is in the arm or the cheek (kissing) , but as you better now th eperson, you can touch her more (easily). 

Rick: What do you mean by touching them more easily?

Pedro: There is no necessity to live in your own buble, but of course you should have some respect.

Rick: Pedro, what are you suggesting Americans who live in Brazil do in this respect? Adopt a new set of behavior that would go against their own sets of beliefs? That would be a very hard thing to do. Although you may not feel invaded by such touching, many Americans do. And that is something very hard to break. Imagine you living in a country where men would touch each other’s butts every time they meet.  I am sure that you would not feel very comfortable, would you? Same thing, isn’t it?


Journal Entry # 1 – Pedro

September 4, 2008

I am thinking a lot about what to do when I graduate from school. I have some options that I am more favorable to choose and this ones are in the humanities area, like Law, Business Administration, etc. Besides thinking a lot about it, I just believe that it’s too early for an 18 year-old guy to make the choice about what to do for the rest of his life, even having the choice to change colleges and jobs. In brazilian society, students in high school worry a lot about their areas and colleges that they will do, and in some cases, they are not prepared at all to make the choice, even because they are not mature enough or so because they just haven´t experienced enough in life and there are so many areas to try. What  I believe it´s right is for the student to travel and get by in order to become more mature and get more experience also.