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Implementation of a student-based curriculum

October 23, 2008

I am in favor the implementation of a student-based curriculum in all junior high shools in Brazil, because I think people should choose what they wanted to do and what they wanted to learn, choosing just the subjects they are interest in, learning only the subjects that will be important for their futures. I think learning things that you won’t use in your futures and you are not interesting in is useless, because you won’t pay atention, you won’t dedicate it for that subject. And I think you can’t force people to like and to study subjects they don’t want, so I’m in favor that the students should choose the subjcts they want to learn in high-schools.

Rick: But then, if this idea is implemented in Brazil, will these students be ready to take FUVEST? I believe that for Brazil to be able to make these changes, we would have to rethink the role of FUVEST in our educational system and start coming up with a different way to assess our students before they get into the university. What do you think?


Journal Entry # 2 – Gabriela

September 11, 2008

I don’t consider touching others a lack of respect, because here in Brazil, it’s natural to shake hands, kiss, it’s our culture. I think it’s weird the Americans have this personal space, this distante between one of eachother, because they don’t have this close relationship, they don’t interact like we, brazilians do.

Rick: What are you suggesting Americans do when they come live here in Brazil? Allow people to touch them even if such behavior would go against their own sets of beliefs? Are you suggesting that I start allowing people to touch me just because I am living here in Brazil?


Journal Entry # 1 – Maria Gabriela

September 4, 2008

 Gabriela: I have look into the colleges that I’m planning on apply on so that next year I’ll be more prepared and more confident. High schools should help the students look ahead in their plans for the future, showing all the possibilities, all the colleges for them to know exactly what they want to do before the college enter examination, to be more prepared, for the people on the last grade of high school already know waht they want for their future, being confident about their choise.