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Playing Sports

October 23, 2008

I think that sports are very important to a persons life. When a person is doing sports he became more mature and more responsabile. He has to be very discipleneated to became a good player. I think that playing sports can help to higher the self-steem too because if your life (related to school or relathionships) are not going well, you can compensate for playnig hard and reaching your goals in sports. In Brazil the sports are not very value like in the United States. There are many people who travel to there to play sport because it is better and they have a lot of beneficies. For example, not paying the university. If they do this in Brazil it would have less people wasting their time noodling around and would help to decrease the crimes because people would care more about doing well their sports.

Rick: Bruna, I think you are absolutely right. But the problem is that I am afraid of money laundering in case this investment is not done the correct way. Also, we need to educate the Brazilian population of the importance of sports in our society. Maybe people still hold the belief that if a person is dedicating his or her life to sports only, he or she is lazy and will not be able to succeed in life later on in a job that is not related to sports. What do you think?


Journal Entry # 2- Bruna

September 11, 2008

I don’t think that women should quit their job. We have studied all life willing to pass in the university and find a good job, and when all thing is going right we will have to quit. Why you and not your husband?

Rick: What about maternal instinct?

Bruna: I don’t think that my husband should quit his job, just if he wants, but I don’t have the obligattion to quit too.

Rick: Who is going to take care of the kids then?

Bruna: In the majority there is a way to juggle job ank kids. For example, you can work during the mornig and then you can take care of your kids, and if you husband can’t stop working you could hire a nanny to take care of them during the morning. It is the best way to enjoy your life doing what you want and having a good family.

Rick: But what happens to days when neither the father nor the mother are able to take care of the children?


Journal Entry # 1- Bruna

September 4, 2008

Bruna:   I have looked into colleges, but I haven’t decide yet. It is so hard to decide because we are so young. The school should do something to help, like taking the students to know better universitys and show how will be a life of a person who works with each specifical profession. Many people in the last grade in school doesn’t know exactly what they want to do, because of this they choose a college and study a lot to enter, but sometimes it isn’t what they want to do, so they quit the university and began all again. It is a waste of time and money.