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Journal Entry #2 – Arnoldo

September 11, 2008

6- Having a body contact in Brazil, is not really impolite. I think that if you hug or shake hands with a friend is very common and means that you like him. I don’t know why americans think this is disrespecful, since you are not hurting or having a huge body contact with the person. I think it is pretty gentle for you to give it a

Rick: Arnoldo, of course you are hurting them. Not in the physical sense and you may think, but psychologically you are. It is big invasion to have someone who you do not have so much intimacy with touch you. Touching is supposed to be something very intimate between two individuals and not something so trivial as it is in the Brazilian culture.


Journal Entry # 1 – Arnoldo

September 4, 2008
Arnoldo: Are you looking forward to getting an iPhone when it comes out at the end onf this year? Having an iPhone, at first can look very practical. But if you take a deeper view of it, you might find out it not woths it. If you think that is practical to have an Ipod, phone, camera, internet and emails in one device, it really looks good. But if you run out of battery, loose its or brake it, you will lose every information that you  need. And I know that iPhones are always with problems, so i wouldn´t buy one.
Rick: Really? 😦 I am dying to get my hands on one, being the technology geek I am 😦 sigh … Maybe I should talk to someone who has an iPhone first to see if it is really worth it. Thanks for the piece of advice, man.
Arnoldo: In 2007 July, I went to the U.S. and the iPhone has just been released. I also was very ansious to have one so I bought it. A few months later, it broked and I needed to buy a new phone. Having an iPhone, can be very fun and usfull, but I think the problems it has doesn´t wothrs it.