Self-defense women

October 23, 2008

Nowdays crime is rising and the possibility of getting robbed in the city center for example is very big. I really don’t think that self-defense women will solve the problems here in Brazil. I belive that they must pay attention to the places where they go and the fact that the robbers are much stronger than them must be considered. The probabilities of a woman avoid a crime is not big considering that a lot of crimes is made by more than one person. Besides that one of the caracteristics of a woman in our society is to be harmful( I am not saing that they must just let be robbed ). It’s very strange for us, mens, to see a woman fighting and being strong so that they look like a men.

Rick: Does the fact that a woman can be physically stronger than you bother you to the point of saying that women should not engage in martial arts at all? Are you in favor of the traditional view that women should be defenseless and that we men should be protecting them?


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