Fantastic stupid soap operas

October 23, 2008

Recently I’ve been watching As Três Irmãs, and I think the soap opera sucks somtimes. The main story is kind of good, but there are some scenes that look like a science fiction movie, with all the martial arts and special effects. Maybe, if the soap operas were more similar to real life, people would like tham better, and they would really pay atention to what’s happening on the show. The scripts don’t need to be exactly like real life, some things that are unusual could happen, but when they try too much to make it sensasionalistic, the whole appearence of the soap opera turns into a joke! Like on that episode when Kaique Brito was kidnaped and the “ninja” girl came flying from the roof… That scene made me laugh so hard! If they want a ninja on the story, then they should have made the whole story about ninjas, and not having put a ninja in a distant beach from Rio de Janeiro.

What I really think is that a soap opera can be good and funny without tripping too much to try to make it interesting. Basic, everyday stories can be catching and entretaining too! We don’t need ninjas flowing off the window…

Rick: I  have the same sensation about soaps here in Brazil as well. Movies also take the same steps. Movies made in Brazil are always showing the misery (Abril Despedaçado) and the violence (Cidade de Deus) to the rest of the world. I wish Brazilian directors started thinking a bit more about creating movies and soaps that would reflect realistic stories about our daily lives, like the Argentinean movie, O Filho da Noiva. That’s one of the biggest reasons why I would love to write soap operas for Rede Globo. Maybe I would be able to improve the quality of its programming 🙂


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