Jornal Entry #2 – Pedro

September 11, 2008

Some amricans, the ones who live in California, for example, think that touching, even if it´s just an arm touch, is very envasive. Brazil´s culture allows people ot really ‘get in touch’ with each other. Kissing( cheek kissing) in a man´s and woman’s fist met is really normal for us. I think this statment is right, because there’s no lack of respect in touching other people – but of course there’s a limit for the touch. In first met, the maximum touch is in the arm or the cheek (kissing) , but as you better now th eperson, you can touch her more (easily). 

Rick: What do you mean by touching them more easily?

Pedro: There is no necessity to live in your own buble, but of course you should have some respect.

Rick: Pedro, what are you suggesting Americans who live in Brazil do in this respect? Adopt a new set of behavior that would go against their own sets of beliefs? That would be a very hard thing to do. Although you may not feel invaded by such touching, many Americans do. And that is something very hard to break. Imagine you living in a country where men would touch each other’s butts every time they meet.  I am sure that you would not feel very comfortable, would you? Same thing, isn’t it?


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