Journal Entry # 1 – Paulo

September 4, 2008

Paulo: Yes, I would look down on someone who is severely overweight. Not because I doesn’t like people like that. But, in my opinion, is normal in our society aind culture to have prejudice with different people. I really want that things should weren’t like that, however, unfortunately, this things are part of our culture.

Rick: What would your reaction be to someone who is really overweight? Would you make fun of them? In which sense would you look down on them? Also, you mention that your behavior has nothing to do with the fact that you don’t like these people, but if you look down on them, it means that you don’t like them, am I right?



  1. Alexandre: The fact that someone is overweight can sometimes not be related to the person. I mean , sometimes people have genetic problems and that’s the reason why they are overweight. According to Paulo, we , unfortunetely, look down on someone who is overweight and I definetely agree with him. As far as I am concerned, not invating them to go out on Weekends is what usually happen nowdays.

    Rick: Alexandre, what are you trying to say? That people treat overweight people badly regardless of the reason why they are overweight? And do you believe that anything should be done about it, or not really?

  2. Arnoldo: I wouldn’t look down on fat people just because they are fat. I have a friend that is overweighted and I think he doesn’t sufers prejudice. Of course that there are always some kind of jokes, and he is always one of the last to be chosen in soccer team.

    Rick: Based on these jokes, don’t you think that it gets to him and he just chooses not to show you guys how he feels about it? Also, what about girls? Do they give him a chance in dating?

  3. I would not make fun about someone who is severely overweight. I would look down them in the sense of not inviting them to go out and thing like that.
    It doesn’t means that I don’t like them the fact is that I just, unfortunately, am conditioned to look down on them by the society.

    Rick: Even with men, meaning, wouldn’t you even invite a friend of yours who is overweight to go watch a Palmeiras game at Palestra Italia just because he is overweight?

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