Journal Entry # 1 – Alexandre

September 4, 2008

6 – I belive people are always looking out for a BETTER boy or girl which is, as a matter of fact, something that can be hidden on our uncounsions part of brain. It is like an instinct. However , you won´t change a relationshep just because you found someone that seemed to better than the other. Some people also look out for another boy or girl just to make sure that his or her boy/girl is according to his/her desire.



  1. Wow, Alexandre, are you saying that you wouldn’t switch girlfriends if you found someone who is better than your current girlfriend? Isn’t it like getting a job where if you find a better job you simply give up on your current one and switch to the best option in life?

  2. Bruna: I agree with you. There are people who are dating for a long time and continuing looking for better people, and this is so wrong because you aren’t respecting your boyfriend. It is normal to look and admire other boys, but not break up with your boyfriend because you found another.

    Rick: But Bruna, what if you meet someone who is better than your current boyfriend? Wouldn’t you switch from your current worse boyfriend to your new found love?

  3. Arnoldo: I think Rick is right. If you find a girl that is better than your current one, it’s complitlly normal for you to change it. Because if you continue with your current one, you won’t be honest with her and won’t be happy knowing you could be with someone you prefere.

  4. Bruna: Rick there is a difference between a job and a person. When you are dating someone you respect and love this person. It is not a machine that you can do what you want, it is a friend too. A job is somethink that only gives you money not love, so it is easy to change.

  5. Pedro: Rick, you can´t just throw to the litter your relationship just because you found another person. It´s not fair to your boyfriend/girlfriend. if you are dating someone, you can´t look out to every girl that you like on the street man. If you date someone, you have to mantain your loyalty to the person. If you don´t think you like the person a lot, don´t date her. However, if you find a really good girl, and you think is the one, it´s alright.

    Rick: But, Pedro, my question is, if human beings behave the way you are proposing, are they doing so because of society or because they actually feel like doing so?

  6. Maybe, but first I will think about it a lot to take the right decision, because it is hard to find a good person. And sometimes the person seems to be a good one but actually it is not.

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