Journal Entry # 1 – Maria Gabriela

September 4, 2008

 Gabriela: I have look into the colleges that I’m planning on apply on so that next year I’ll be more prepared and more confident. High schools should help the students look ahead in their plans for the future, showing all the possibilities, all the colleges for them to know exactly what they want to do before the college enter examination, to be more prepared, for the people on the last grade of high school already know waht they want for their future, being confident about their choise.



  1. Bruna: I don’t think that next year you will be more prepared and more confident to choose a profession. Maybe you will think that you know, but you won’t know. I have many friends who thought that they knew what to do but now they changed their mind and are completed lost. It is a hard decision that will change your life and you don’t have sure what to do. Sorry Gabi, but I have this problem too.

    Rick: Guys, why are you putting so much pressure on yourselves? Don’t you think it is OK not to know?

  2. Alexandre: We are certainly not prepared to decide our future. It’s a hard and important choice to be made. Having plans for it is already a good step, but it is definetely not enough. Our self knoledge of carrers is not enough and that’s why I have doubts. With the “hot competition” nowdays, the presion is getting bigger and bigger. However, we must be calm and make the right decision. Decisions in the present can make differences in the future !

    Rick: Alexandre, what could schools, parents, the world in general do to help teens have a clearer idea of what they want in their professional lives in the future? Or do you think that it is virtually impossible for teens to be able to make a decision at their age and that they do need one or two years more to decide for sure what they want?

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