the butterfly effect

November 5, 2007

I love this movie because it shows that an act of a person can cause a lot of different futures depending on what he/she decided to do at that time. The main caractor (Evan Treborn) has a series of flashbacks and has the power to came back to the past to correct his errors. He  doesn’t think in himself but only in his family and friend kayleigh, lenny and Tommy. My favority part is the end because Evan make a final decition to make sure that his girl (Kayleigh) have a best future. I trully belive in this part of the film and always think twice before doing something that can affect people around me.


One comment

  1. Guilherme,

    I loved this movie too, and especially the message that it carries behind it. At first , I was very reluctant to watch because I am not so fond of Ashton Kutcher’s acting. I still think of him as the dumb guy from the Seventies Show, but Malu wanted us to watch the movie when it came out, and since I wanted to please her, we ended up renting it.

    Like you, I am also quite careful with my actions so as not to hurt the other people around me. I think that at your age you are quite mature to think like that. There are many teens who don’t give a damn to what their actions may cause to others and they just go ahead and act nonsensically anyway. I really admire the great character that you have and hope that you can always show people around you the light that comes from the right choices you make in your life.


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