November 5, 2007

Click is a movie about a guy who gets a special remote control which allows you to comeback in time, to go to the futere, to speed up moments and so forth. This guy uses the control in a bad way speeding up his life, skiping the boring moments and some other moments which were not boring but he skiped it just to see what would happen in the futere, and he realizes that he didn’t enjoy enought time with his children and his wife and it’s this that makes the movie one of my favourites, the message which it pass to us that we can’t speed up our lives, bad moments and boring moments are parts of our lives so we can’t skip it and we have to enjoy the moment to don’t feel regret after because we don’t have a second chance.


One comment

  1. Hi Rafael,

    I haven’t gotten to watch Click yet, but it is definetely one movie on my list. People have been telling me about the concept behind it and I really liked it. I think that the reason why I did not go see it is because of Adam Sandler. I am not much of a fan of his because I think he is always the same in everything he does, just like Jim Carrey. But I agree with the idea that sometimes we go through our lives way too fast and miss out on a lot that it can offer us.

    Sometimes I think of me living here in São Paulo, where everything is done in a rush, and I have found out that I am not so happy with living here. I want to move to the countryside where I can slow down my pace of life. The biggest problem is finding a good job there. Maybe I will have to work another 15 years more here in the big city until my retirement to make my dream come true. How sad!


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