Girl, interrupted

November 5, 2007

I love movies and this is one of my favorite movies. I don´t really have a reason for it, but it´s just a great movie. It´s really beatiful and it shows the friendship of the characters even tough they are not in a common enviroment. I think that this strong friendship that they have makes me think about my friends.

This movies takes place in a asylum and it shows the story about a girl that ends up there and she meets all the girls there and you get to know their lives and why they are there, and even tough they are considered crazy people they develop a great friendship and they are all normal friends like anybody else. I relate to this movie because i have with my friends the same strong friendship that the characters have.

Rick you should watch this movie to: THE CURE, it´s about friendship to and it´s really cute, if you can find it.


One comment

  1. Hi Priscila,

    I have not seen the movie, maybe because there have been so many other ones out when this one came out that I never really got the chance to rent it. I usually enjoy movies where they emphasize the importance of friendship so I will probably rent it someday. Now, what I would like to know a bit more is what happens exactly in the movie that makes the characters be friends and also how this connection relates to you and your friends. I would love to listen to these two stories (one about the movie and another one about your life) so much.


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