A walk to remember

November 5, 2007


Well, I don´t have a reason why this is my favourite movie. For  certainly, it  is not, but I liked it very much so I  will  talk about  it.

This movie  is  about the most popular  guy in the school( Shane West) , who  was arrogant and used to make bad  things  to the others. Then, as a punishment, he must participate on a school drama; that´s when he meets a girl ( Mandy Moore) and learn many things he didn´t know about life and, he falls in love with her.

Nevertheless, she has a  secret that implies on her not being able to have relationships…  the  reason I can´t say, you should watch the movie, but you have to keep  in mind  that probably you will cry, the end  is  very  sad.

The point is that this movie  shows  how  life  can  be good in the  same  time  as  simple, and  how a human being can be  changed because of love.


One comment

  1. Hi Rebeca,

    As a guy, I don’t know how much I would appreciate watching such a romantic movie like this one. I know you are going to say that Moulin Rouge is a romantic movie and all, but it is just that those Hollywood flicks seem to follow the same formulas all the time and I am not really into them so much. Also, I don’t know the main actor and actress so much, so I don’t know if I would really enjoy it.

    HOWEVER, if Ana reads your review, she would certainly want to watch it and I would most probably watch it with her (and probably enjoy it because I enjoy spending time with her) so thank you for the tip. Maybe she and I can rent it over the weekend. (Although I must confess I would much rather watch it with Alexia …)


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