my idol

October 22, 2007

Actually I don’t have a idol, I have never admire anyone untill last friday.This day changed my way of thinking, acting and living because a person that I liked a lot passed away.

 Felipe was a loyal friend who was always happy and making jokes with us. He had a perfect life, a perfect girl and a perfect family.. He was so funny that is impossible to forget him.

Unfortunately last friday he was coming back from a disco and had a car accident. He died instanteneously…I’m still sad about his death but it showed to me the importance of life, friends and family.


One comment

  1. WOW Guilherme,

    I am awfully sorry to hear about your friend. It is funny how us human beings work. It is only when we lose someone close to us that we have always taken for granted that we truely realize how much we did not express how we truely feel towards the person before.

    It is also quite unfair and revolting to see that someone who had everything as Felipe did loses it all in a fraction of a second. But you know what? I believe that everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason. His death, while tragic, will certainly teach many people many lessons for years to come. You are a clear example of that. Maybe from now on, you will cherish the people around you more than you do now, maybe learn to express your feelings more openly so that these people know how much you care for them.

    Keep your hopes up, man. Life goes on.



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