Gisele Bündchen

October 22, 2007


Well, nowadays Gisele is considered the best top model in the world.  But this is not the reason why I look up to her. For her  to become a celebrity, she had  to work very hard. By the way,  she is a hard-worker woman; when she began, she received  many ´´nos“  in her  career but she was persistent. She looked  for new  oportunities, and never  gave up.

All  the people  that have worked with her  tell  that she is  very professional. Most of them say that she is always  on time and always in a good mood, regardless of the day or how tired she may be. On the make  off, she makes jokes, sings, and so forth.

One more thing is that the fact that she became an international top model, known all over the world, haven´t changed her atitude with other  people. She is friendly and talks with everyone who stops her to take a picture or to take an  autograph. She represents Brazil very well abroad.

here i´ve put a photo when Gisele went to the Oscar with her ex boyfriend, DiCaprio


One comment

  1. Hi Rebeca,

    I did not know that about Gisele. I have only admired her for her beauty, and I did not know she had suffered so much in her life to become what she has become. Now, I think I will learn how to respect her more. Unfortunately, many girls get into this modeling business thinking everything is sugar-coated and that they will not have to face any difficulties as they go along. Maybe studying the lives of other models would help these aspiring young girls.


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