Song Project – Rick

September 16, 2007

The song I have chosen as my contribution to our class project is Come What May from the motion picture Moulin Rouge. There is a link to a You Tube snippet of the movie, just in case you are one of the few in the world who have not watched it.


Come What May

Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor

Never knew I could feel like this

Like I’ve never seen the sky before.

Want to vanish inside your kiss.

Every day I love you more and more.


Listen to my heart.

Can you hear it sing?

Telling me to give you everything.

Seasons may change, winter to spring

But I love you until the end of time.


Come what may. Come what may.

I will love you until my dying day.

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place.

 Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace.

Suddenly my life doesn’t seem such a waste.

It all revolves around you.

And there’s no mountain too high, no river too wide.

Sing out this song, and I’ll be there by your side.


Storm clouds may gather, and stars may collide.

But I love you until the end of time.


Come what may. Come what may.

I will love you until my dying day.

Oh, come what may. Come what may.

I will love you, I will love you.

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place.


Come what may. Come what may.

I will love you until my dying day.


Alexia was the only woman I have ever truely loved in my entire life.  We met while we were foreign students at California State University in the beginning of the 1990’s. Born in Paris to a Japanese family, Alexia went to the States to study Philosophy. Since she could only work on campus, she applied for a full-time job as an English instructor for a program for foreign students who came to visit California for the summer. Under the same constraints to find a job, I also applied to work in the same summer program.

The job required that we not only taught English in the morning but also accompanied the students in their afternoon and evening activities as local tour guides; in other words, Alexia and I ended up spending the months of June, July and August of 1992, virtually 24 hours a day together. And the more time we spent together, the more we realized how much in synch we were in life. The same goals, the same values, the same views on life. If you believe in past lives, we were definetely soul mates.

After the summer program ended, we decided to share the same apartment building right across from the university, and we lived there until the end of 1996, when both our green card applications had been denied by the American government. Unlike couples who break up for incompatibility reasons, we were being split by outside forces, just like the relationship between Christian (Ewan McGregor) and Satine (Nicole Kidman) in the movie Moulin Rouge.

Alexia wasn’t willing to give up on her life in Paris to come live with me here in Brazil, just like I wasn’t willing to restart my life in a country where I would again take the risk of not being able to get my green card. Besides, I spoke no French, and she spoke no Portuguese. Similarly, Satine didn’t see herself leaving her life as a courtesan, and Christian was aware of his financial conditions as a writer of not being able to provide Satine the glamourous life she so much wanted.

Other parallel features are the fact that I am also a writer in my free time, and Alexia’s home is Paris close to the real Moulin Rouge. Although the movie had not come out at the time the two of us parted, the day I left Alexia at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), I confessed to her that no matter what happened in our lives from that day on, I would always love her until death do us part. (“Come what may, come what may, I will love you until my dying day”.)

I have been in several other relationships after Alexia here in Brazil, but none of them remotely compare to what we had together in the United States, hence, my not having gotten married until today. Because “seasons may change, winter to spring, but I will love her until the end of time.”


One comment

  1. Well Rick,
    I can see that you have fallen in love with her, and probably until the end of your life. Your love story is so romantic, but the point is, you told us that she called you and asked you how you were doing, what you were working for, so, even her hasn´t forgotten you. Maybe, you should figure out where she is and make a surprise for her: Travel to France to see her ( of course, if she is not married)!.Then, you guys can talk about those past years and try to make a deal of what to do, because in my point of view, you can´t spend your whole life dating women who you like, but don´t want to marry because you are “addicted´´ to Alexia. You love her, so go after her and marry her. Now, maybe, she may decide to leave France and come here to leave with you. Oh, by the way, according to the fortune teller, you have only three years to get married. That was all ( my advice for the end of this story)


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