Rafael =]

September 3, 2007

I’m of Japanese decent, who is writing this blog because of a project at Alumni. The thing I love the most is dancing. I’m addicted to dancing, break dancing and street dance. To be a B-boy is my life. Being a B-boy, my favorite music is all kinds of old skool hip hop. I like some pop japanese music and pop korean music too. If anybody is interested in having street dance or break dance classes, just ask me!



  1. Hi Rafael,

    I wish I had the same courage to take up dancing as you do. I guess I am too embarrassed to get started and feel totally clumsy on the dance floor. Also, I am not so sure I have all the necessary body coordination to be able to dance well. But I guess I will never know unless I try, isn’t it?

    As far as Japanese music goes, who do you enjoy? Amie Namuro? Boa? Maybe as the semester progresses, we can exchange some Japanese CDs! I am pretty much open to new styles and new bands. I sort of get tired of listening to the same of thing from the 70’s and 80’s 🙂

    Another idea I had was for you to bring a DVD of you streetdancing and show it to the group in one of our classes. I am sure they would have a blast watching you perform. And so would I 🙂


  2. Hi rafael, my name is Maria gabriela. I read that you love to dance, and I love too!! I’m not so good at it, but I’m practicing a lot. What is the difference between break dancing and street dance? Answer in my blog http://magavilha.wordpress.com

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