September 3, 2007

I´m a music lover and I love sports too, especially soccer(I´m a Corinthians fan), but I prefer to play it on the field rather than watching it on TV. I study, but I don´t really like school. What I really enjoy doing is travelling. I love to travel and I want to travel around the whole world. I like movies a lot and I don´t like computers too much, and that´s why I rarelly use it. I have really good friends whom I love and that mean a lot to me. And it´s really good to spend time with them.



  1. =]

  2. Hi Priscila,

    What kind of music do you like? I think that people who read your blog would love to see more specific songs and bands so as to identify with you at a deeper level. For instance, I believe we have something in common as far as sports go: our love for soccer. Although I am a hardcore São Paulo fan, I do not loathe Corinthians as much as my friends do. I would totally agree to go to Pacaembu and enjoy a soccer game there if the company is good.

    As far as traveling goes, where have you already been to? What was your most favorite trip? Also, you have mentioned movies. Like music, it would be nice if we got to know which movies you enjoy and why. Share a bit more of you with us 🙂

    Now, you have touched on a point where I am truely proud of being Brazilian. The concept of friendship. It was only here in Brazil that I have learned the concept of friendship. Here you can actually count of people for real, and not just superficially as it is in the United States. That is one of the biggest reasons why I have no intention of moving back to California. I guess I have learned how to love Brazil, and my friends have been a big part of it 🙂


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