September 3, 2007

I am 16 years old. I support São Paulo Football Club, which is the best soccer team ever. I like to pratice sports. I swim, I take boxing classes, and I do weightlifting four times a week as well. I also study English and Spanish and my zodiac sign is Aquarius.

I am a regular student. I am finishing high school next year and I intend to study Engineering at USP. I have been studying English at Alumni since I was 10 years old. I started my course here in the first level: Pre Teen 1. And since I started here, I have learned a lot of English. Nowadays, I am more focused on improving my English accent.



  1. =]

  2. Hi Bruno,

    You have no idea how refreshing it is to have so many São Paulo fans in class. Nothing against fans from other teams, but it seems to me that people who root for São Paulo do have the same common sense in making other right decisions in life (laughters).

    You have mentioned how much you enjoy sports. How do your parents see that? Many parents want their kids to focus on FUVEST at your age, and do not really encourage them to pursue too many sports activities, because such time would be better spent preparing themselves for university. What are your views on that?
    Should Brazil be focusing as much on sports as the US does, or are we right in zeroing in on academics only?

    Also, you have chosen to share that you are of Aquarius rising. How much do you believe in Astrology to have decided to mention that? Did you know that experts say that the best combination for an Aquarius man is a Pisces woman? What have your past relationship experiences say about that? Oh, and something else that is funny about Aquarius is that most of them are not science oriented and would not be completely happy studying math sciences. Such belief seems to be totally out of place with your career choice, don’t they?


  3. Hello! my name is Marcela and I am at T9.
    It´s very interesting your story! I love sports too but I have to desagree of something: Corinthians is the best soccer team this country ever had.
    I think you will achieve your dream of studing Engineering at USP. Never give up your dreams!
    My blog is http://mafh.wordpress.com

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