September 3, 2007

I’m 17 years old, and I’m finishing my high school course. I’m studying very hard to get in to ESPM at the end of this year. If I get in, I’m going to get a car as my 18th birthday gift on December 3rd. I have been a student at Alumni since 2002, and my first teacher was Rick in Teen 6. I flunked Teen 9 and took a 6-month break to take acting classes. If I hadn’t flunked and stopped my English course, I could be an Advanced 4 student right now, but life’s not perfect and I have got two more years here at Alumni, but that’s ok because Rick is my teacher for the third time, and even though he roots for São Paulo and I root for Palmeiras, I like him.



  1. =]

  2. Hey Alexandre,

    Thanks a lot for the praises. I must confess I also enjoy having you as my student for the third time — even though you root for Palmeiras. You make our classes fun with your attitude and good mood. Also, I think I have mentioned it to you before, but I am surprised at how much your English has improved since Teen 6. Obviously, our teaching method works, but I give you most of the credit for what you have accomplished so far. You know that not every student has a bright future in language learning, but I strongly believe that you do. (You should show your mom this comment.)

    Also, I did not know you had taken acting classes. Why did you do that? Do you have any aspirations to become a Rede Globo actor? Also, I think that taking that short break from Alumni did you good. You have come back much more mature and ready to take more responsibility for your language learning. I hope you do get into ESPM and get your car at the end of the year. Then, maybe, you can take us all to watch a Palmeiras game at Palestra Italia next year (laughters).


  3. Hello my name is Bruna.My sister studies at ESPM and she loves there.There are parties all the time, but it is a very hard university.I hope that you get in the university and get you car.My blog is http://brms7.wordpress.com/wp-admin/.Bye

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