August 30, 2007

Class teacher and moderator of this blog. Hardcore São Paulino who does not own any piece of green clothing (check out the colors of this site). Addicted to Japanese music of any kind from the early 70’s to what’s playing on Japanese radios nowadays. Love singing at Karaoke boxes, both American and Brazilian songs (Japanese, only when I’m alone). Crazy about the Harry Potter series, all books read at least three times.



  1. Heeeeeeeeeeeey man! Nobody has answered your post so here I am!! I really love Japanese food too, but I’m in a dilemma right now about it, so I think you could help me by telling me if they really eat this Japanese food that we Western people know. I do not know anything about Japanese music, and I like to sing at Karaoke too, but I prefer it when I’m drunk — sorry for the honesty man. I really like Harry Potter too. I have read it until the Book 4 and have seen all the movies so far.

    MAAAN Thanks for the other post that you made. I have shown it to my mom, and she is really proud … and man, don’t think that I’m adiccted to the Internet and Alumni projects. I’m here because I received an e-mail requesting something from Rick and here I am … That’s it, man… All the good luck to São Paulo because Cruzeiro will win this championship…hugs!

  2. Hey Rick! Thanks for the comment Man! nOW I’m Here to leave a comment for you too!
    As you said you will never now if you can dance unless you try! So when ever you want to try dancing just ask me ok?

    Well, about japanese music I like BoA, Koda Kumi, Home Made Kazoku, Da Pump and I think It’s this. And about Korean music (K-pop) I like Big Bang and Super Junior. Do you like K-pop? And about japanese music? Who are the singers you like most?

    And I will take to class a break dancing dvd! I will look for one of my perfoms!
    Well, I think that’s it Man…See You in classes ;D Hugs!

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